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“I loved this newsletter. It's great how you break down us readers' resistances to taking care of ourselves, and do it with such a sweet and gentle voice with that touch of humor. Questions like those are excellent tools for re-focusing; getting back on track with what's important and letting go of what's not.”

- Ella Jolly, Social Worker
New York City

The secret to being present? This 2yr old has it figured out.

I have a story for you about the magic of Hide and Seek. And if you like cute stories about little kids, I think you’ll especially like this.

When I’m not doing bodywork, I’m sometimes taking care of an adorable, exuberant, and hilarious toddler. My goodness, there is so much you can learn about the body by watching a small human develop and navigate the playground!

There’s also so much you can learn from kids about how simple life can be.

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to “be in the moment” or questioning what that even means, check this out.

The other day, we were playing hide and seek. We played in the normal way, with each of us taking turns hiding from and seeking for the other. Then, she decided to switch things up.

“I’m going to close my eyes and count and then find myself, Helena.” She curled up on the ground and pressed her palms on her eyes. “1…2…3….” She opened them, sprung up and proclaimed,

“I’m here!”

Sometimes it is really that simple.

This is one of the things I LOVE about giving and receiving bodywork. It reminds me immediately that I’m HERE. Now. Bodywork pulls me out of my head and back into my body, while simultaneously connecting the two in a way that can allow for deep surrender and healing. Bodywork allows me to feel my physical borders, to consolidate and ground, to let go of the exhausting emotional armoring we humans tend to wear (often subconsciously), and to give in to gravity a little. It allows me to drop the weight of my person-hood (head) and feel the shear aliveness and intelligence of my animal-hood (body).

I feel this in my clients when their breathing changes — deepens, softens, slows, and sometimes becomes so quiet it’s as if time stands still and expands all at once. I see it when they get off the table and move with more ease, grace, and awareness.

Safe, skilled, therapeutic touch can do so much to bring you down to earth. To find yourself again and again.

This week, I challenge you to experiment with ways to “find yourself.” Bodywork is certainly an awesome place to start (no bias, I swear : ) For those solo moments, I will sometimes find ways to compress different parts of my body while seated: pressing in to the tops of my thighs, gently squeezing my rib cage together, or simply laying a palm on each side of my rib cage as I breathe (few things say “present moment” like following your breath). Exploring the contours of my face, skull and neck can also feel very grounding and satisfying.

And if you’re feeling brave, I dare you to catch yourself when you’re experiencing a moment of uncertainty, anxiety, boredom, sadness, etc.

Then close your eyes,
count to three,
open your eyes,
look around and tell yourself,

I’m here.

With love and presence,

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